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The Road To POP

Mike Foster …. can you make it any more clear than this? I mean, come on, I’m not quite sure I get what you’re saying 😉 . Maybe you (reading this) can help me understand. Then again, maybe Mike’s made this CLEAR ENOUGH!!!

I am hardcore about taking personal responsibility for managing our emotional, spiritual, physical, and relational health. Why? Because I believe every passion, mission, job, or ministry has a road leading to POP.

What’s POP? It’s where you have depleted everything in your life and you simply breakdown. Your job, company, organization, and leadership role has sucked you dry. Btw, the worst culprits: churches and ministries. You give EVERYTHING and then you have left yourself bare, vulnerable, and in a toxic place. And then you POP!

Sometimes POP looks like destructive escapism like alcohol, drugs, or porn.

Sometimes POP means running off with a hot young thing you met on the internet 2 weeks ago.

Sometimes it means going into a maniacal rage in some company meeting, jumping on top of the table, taking your clothes off, and getting jiggy with it.

Tragically, sometimes POP means suicide or a massive heart attack that kills you.

POP means bailing on your spouse and your kids so you can go “find” yourself…with some other guy/gal.

And then after a month of us “doing the crazy” we come back to our life with huge regrets and a big mess to start cleaning up. Sometimes and sadly, we are never the same.

The story isn’t rare. It’s actually pretty common.

I’ve realized hard wirings in me that would lead me to the POP scenario. If I didn’t manage my life well I could find my self blowing up and breaking down…and quite quickly. In a matter of months or a few bad weeks and…..POP!

Let me be clear here. I’m not alone on this road. You’re on it too. Some of you are aware of it and are working on it in your life. Others are completely blind to the forces that are working against you. And if I ever meet you, and I see you heading towards POP, I’m going to call you out on it.

I’m going to smack you down and warn you. And I don’t want to hear your excuses and valid reasons of why you HAVE to lead your life sucked dry. Pure crap! You just don’t have the balls to make the hard decisions in your personal life. And if I was in a POP scenario in my life, I would expect the same from you.

Every person is on the road leading to POP. I just hope all of us figure out how to live our lives so we never arrive at that final destination.



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