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“Regular” Weekend

I am a firm believer that every Pastor should have a “regular” weekend. A weekend like “regular” folk, especially if you’re married and have kids.

I experienced one this weekend. It was precipitated by my son having surgery last week (the story and result is here if you’re interested). We knew it was coming for a month, so it was easy to arrange my preaching schedule so that this would be one of my “regular” weekends. I try to schedule one about every 6 weeks or so. On most of them (not all), I am at church, but someone else is preaching. I find that it’s good for the church and good for my family as well.

A Pastors weekend (Saturday) is usually filled with ministry activity of some sort. At the least, you end up having to work hard to distract yourself from thinking about Sunday. Many Pastors today have Saturday services as well as Sunday, adding to the IRregularity of weekend life.

I’ve become a believer in “regular” weekends, taken regularly. The demands and constant, 24/7 communication connections take a toll in today’s Pastoral life and vocation.

  • I believe in the Sabbath, and practice it.
  • I believe in “office hours” for the Pastor. Yet, illnesses happen, accidents occur and people die…, I’ve found that those kind of Pastoral emergencies almost always happen OUTSIDE of “office hours”.
  • I believe in vacations, and actually taking them; doing whatever you can as a Pastor to disconnect and “let the Church be the Church” when you’re gone.
  • Matter of fact, I even believe in Sabbaticals – extended times away from the congregation every few years for the purpose of rest, reflection and refreshing of life and vocational call.

However, especially if you have kids, a Pastor’s schedule rarely fits theirs. I believe every once in a while it ought to. I believe our kids will remember being a “PK” with a more abundant joy and satisfaction.

Now, admittedly, I don’t know this to be true. My kids are right now only 12 and 13. But I know I have lots of conversations with Pastors and their kids (my own kids included), and the pace of life most of us live in regard to our weekends could use a rest.

Jesus will still build His Church. The Kingdom will still expand. God will still be on the throne.

I know, much easier said than done for lots of reasons, but nonetheless worthy. Your thoughts?

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