Come Along On The Journey To Life!

If you're a Pastor who loves what you do and you desire to do it for a lifetime, this website is for you! Grab a cup of coffee and spend some time with us.

Experience has taught us that Jesus wants to give life even to His undershepherds, those He has called and gifted to care for and serve His Church.

If you're wondering how to go about finding life in what you do, rather than the work of pastoring leaving you dry and withered, come along and let's find life together!

Help When You Hurt

Who ministers to the Minister when you're hurting? Many do, and they can be found on this listing. Please find a friend in your area and seek the help you need today.
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A Place For You

Many Pastors are not aware that all over the country are a number of places you can retreat to for a number of given reasons or purposes. Find some of them here, get there, and find your pace!
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